Hostgator Review

An detailed overview of HostGator services:

HostGator is a leading web hosting service provider started in 2012 host more than 8 million domains for 400,000 customers in over 200 countries. They offer a broad range of web hosting services and worldly known for their well-priced Shared Hosting plans. They offer three type of shared hosting services – Hatchling, Baby and Business – and each one steps up the service options and support provision. They also offer Reseller plans, VPS hosting and dedicated servers.


HostGator reliability and uptime guarantees:

HostGator owns more than 12,000 servers and about 400,000 clients over 200 countries. The promised 99.9% up time meets the requirements of all and the customers have proven it. Reliability is greatly assured through continuous 24/7 site monitoring and daily backups.

MoneyBack Guarantee:

HostGator money back assurances:


HostGator provides 45 days money back guarantee and you can cancel the account at any time within 45 days of purchase. However, you will be only refunded hosting and domain fees, other fees made are not refunded.

Technical Support:

HostGator technical and customer support:


HostGator is one of the oldest web hosting company available in India and USA. HostGator was started in 2002. At HostGator you get 24/7 phone support, an online ticket system, live chat, community forums and many articles and video tutorials all come as standard.


HostGator web hosting plans and uptime guarantees:


Hostgator provides  different types of hosting, mainly shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, and VPS/Cloud hosting and Windows web hosting. HostGator used to provide support from USA in USA Time Zone, in recent time HostGator also provides support from Indian data centre it provides 24/7 telephone line, chat and email support for all hosting related issues.  HostGator is one of the few web hosting company who truly adhere to the 99.9% uptime standard.

HostGator Indian data centres:

HostGator provids service from Indian data centre and they have a data centre mainly placed in Mumbai and also you can make a payment using local currency Indian rupee. Initially about few years back you have to pay using dollar in foreign currency as they mainly provided their service from USA.

HostGator shared web hosting services:


In shared web hosting hostgator provides both windows and LINUX web hosting under Sharad hosting, basically provides Hatchling plan for single domain and Baby plans for unlimited domain and business plan for unlimited domain and unlimited disc space. HostGator is generally considered expensive and high quality company due to the highest price and highest standard maintained by HostGator. If you look at the hosting prices of Godaddy and hostgator, hostgator generally is on highest side all the time. HostGator also provides various other hosting such as VPS hostin based on KVM and Windows hosting and dedicated server and cloud hosting.

HostGator price details:

HostGator Linux hosting:


1)Hatchling plan starts at Rs 375/month

2)Baby plan starts at Rs 475/month

3)Business plan starts at Rs 685/month

HostGator Windows hosting:


1)Personal plan starts at Rs 445/month

2)Enterprise plan starts at Rs 955/month

HostGator Linux reseller hosting:

1)Aluminium starts at Rs 1,325/month

2)Copper starts at Rs  1,545/month

3)Silver starts at Rs 2,095/month


HostGator Windows reseller hosting:

1)Prep starts at Rs 1,425/month

2)Starter starts at Rs  1,505/month

3)Expert starts at Rs 2,265/month


Advantages of HostGator shared web hosting services:

1)Price: With shared hosting plans – you’re without a doubt talking about money here and there, but though HostGator honestly stood out, particularly their features  (like limitless everything for their Baby Plan).  They have a Hatchling Plan that is also inexpensive if you only need only 1 domain. Fee became a big pro with HostGator services – especially the truth that they offer monthly pricing without a 12-month lock-in – and permit such a lot of small websites to stay on the same account.


2) Good Service + Uptime: HostGator guarantees 99.9% uptime (which is eight downtime hours per year). HostGator has had its problems within the past even though (drastically in August 2013).  HostGator offers 24 x 7 x 365 service and they actually deliver. If you have any technical problem, their team is ready to help at any time.


3) Unlimited Everything: HostGator’s plans provide limitless packages, except the Hatchling Plan, which gives limitless, however, caps your domains at 1, that is a large deal. Limitless databases imply that you could have pretty a great deal as many WordPress installs as you want. Limitless bandwidth approach that you could scale, and do not need to worry about visitors. After which there are unlimited subdomains and FTP accounts so that you can supply secure access to any number of people.


4)cPanel:  cPanel is the software program that runs your server’s backend. It’s what you log in to whilst you want to install a website, and so on. using cPanel is a large pro,      as it’s open-source (no agency owns it), and is sort of the industry standard, so it has tons of documentation, and you can get help everywhere on the net similarly to HostGator. If you are curious then right here’s what the HostGator cPanel looks as if. It has tons of options, but it additionally placed the maximum used ones the front and middle (e.g. be aware the massive WordPress icon at the top).


5)Open Stance: Due to cPanel – HostGator additionally has a by default open stance towards you running your internet site. Obviously they aren’t going to set up a huge-scale junk mail operation – but for example, GoDaddy is infamous for filtering all electronic mail out of your internet site (ie, contact forms). In fact, for clients, those who are using GoDaddy and 1&1 – usually must install a separate WordPress plugin that redirects the contact form through Gmail in order that they may be cool with sending it out. No troubles like that to this point with HostGator.


Disadvantages of HostGator shared web hosting services:

1)Apparent Complexity: HostGator cons increase to quite an awful lot any shared hosting business enterprise, however, they may be cons though. And apparent complexity is one of them. HostGator offers great support, documentation, and tutorials as stated above, but it doesn’t virtually do an awful lot to make the system appearance easy. And appears may be a large factor. GoDaddy and 1&1 get a number of clients because it makes the method appearance easy. HostGator keeps matters quite minimum and geeky feel.


2)TTFB(Time to First Byte): It refers to how rapid a server is able to start responding to a request. Consider your browser is a dude who desires a stack of books (a website) from a neighbor (the web host). TTFB is the time it takes to your neighbor to get to the door after you first knock. With HostGator – I’ve determined in my assessments that they may be slow at instances, and very slow sometimes at TTFB. However, they’re constantly top notch-fast at delivering, and by no means no longer at domestic. So within the analogy, HostGator every now and then takes a while to get to the door, however as soon as he receives to the door to find out what you want. That’s a hassle with a whole lot of shared hosts but it’s something HostGator have to enhance upon.


 3) Various Rumors: There were many rumors related to Hostgator services. However, some say that HostGator throttles your bandwidth without your knowledge. Additionally, they say that HostGator crams greater websites onto a server this is healthy. HostGator says they aren’t true and none of their clients have experienced it yet.


4)Pricey In-House Domains: While speaking about the domain organizations,  HostGator sells the domain name or even gives them directly through cPanel. However, they may be quite highly-priced. It’s kind of annoying. But that’s usual, HostGator is a hosting organization and not a domain organizations. And on the grounds HostGator uses cPanel, it’s super smooth to direct your DNS to HostGator (you just need to type in your HostGator nameservers over where your domain is registered and poof, it’s performed).


HostGator Virtual Private Server(VPS):


HostGator offers Linux based VPS web hosting services to their customers. In case if you require more strength, anticipate high website visitors volumes, or have precise compliance requirements that can help you to save the usage of shared servers, these are one of the excellent alternatives to remember. The characteristic-packed HostGator boasts wallet-friendly charges, and it offers much more tools to webmasters. HostGator offers one of the excellent virtual private server (VPS) services. But, its shared hosting plans are one of the reasons why the organization stands out from the crowded website hosting services. Mostly, HostGator’s shared hosting services are excellent and reliable to clients.

HostGator dedicated servers and their features:

HostGator are properly privy to who their goal consumer for dedicated servers. Mostly for individuals who require a website on a price range and who do not have any kind of experience. HostGator have made a real attempt to make a dedicated server as simple as possible. Whilst the critical website builder may alternatively decide upon the features that different groups provide for the character or business organizations. who simply desires to get a domain and perform as easily as it is possible. HostGator are a good choice for dedicated hosting services.

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